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Northland KC Surf

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Best of the Best

2024 Premier Player Tryouts

Come join the fastest growing youth soccer club in the Northland KC area!

By putting the player first we represent a true alternative to the win first, development later approach so common in youth soccer. With a staff of highly trained coaches dedicated to development, positivity, and playing the right way SURF offers players at all levels everything they need to reach that next level.

Our purpose is to field competitive soccer teams comprised of dedicated players committed to a higher level of instruction and competition, with a strong emphasis on teamwork. We prepare each player to perform to the best of his or her ability, to eventually compete for a spot on his or her high school soccer team, and to guide those players interested in playing college soccer. Northland KC SURF is the stepping stone to the highest level of competition for all players in the Northland KC area.

Are you interested in playing at the next level? No other club in our area can offer these opportunities, the National Premier League (Girls) or Elite Clubs National League – RL (Boys) allow our players to play not just in local leagues but REGIONALLY and NATIONALLY.